Bergerac - SW France
27th April- 4th May 2019

This yoga retreat will give you the opportunity to re-set, re-store and re-focus your attention. Using the meridian and elemental systems we will journey through the 7 chakras of the body from root to crown exploring the archetypes and characteristics of each centre and how this effects your body, mind and spirit. I am thrilled and super excited to return to this  beautiful location, a place close to my heart.

This week is all about balance. Most of us live a very Yang, active, life. We are busy fitting in careers, friends and family with often little time for ourselves. In our busyness we forget to take time to recharge, to slow down and enjoy the present moment, to feel our bodies and to connect with our surroundings. Finding a balance between Yang and Yin (a more restorative lifestyle) is a challenge. Yin and Yang are the two energies that embody Universal law, which ensures that all things remain in harmony.

This retreat will take you on a journey through the 7 main Chakras (Energy Centres) focusing on moving energy, creating balance and harmony. We will explore different styles of Yang Yoga - Mandala, Vinyasa and Rocket - starting each day with meditation and a Yin/Yang Yoga practice inspired by the elements related to the chakras and we will end the day with a restorative Yin practice or Yoga Nidra.

We will also be doing two workshops to break the myth of the perfect pose looking at how your body's proportions and range of movement expresses its self in your practice. Giving you the freedom to create a practice that suits your body.


This retreat is ideal for all levels of physical ability. Each practice combines a sequence of dynamic and/or relaxing postures with each practice being taught in a way that gives space for every student to grow and create your own yoga retreat.

A flowing physical asana practice in harmony with breath creates a meditative movement for mind of body.


Living in comfort:

The cost per room, per person is £1050 in single occupancy.

EB £850 open until 4th Feb'19.

Double/Shared accommodation £875.

EB £675 open until 4th Feb'19.

Limited to 2 double/single rooms.


Living in commune:

Le Peitit Maison is our annex next to the main house with two en suite double bedrooms and a third double sofa bed in the living room. Le Petiti Maison is the perfect space for a group of friendly yogis. The cost per room, per person, £850 in single occupancy.

EB £650 open until 4th Feb'19.

Double/Shared accommodation £675.

EB £475 open until 4th Feb'19.


Living in nature:

We have a couple of wonderful glamping tents in the garden which each sleep one to two people. There is a modern shower room and nice toilet nearby for your use. For the truly unique experience we have a vintage Yellowstone caravan that sleeps 1-2 people.

The price per person for 7 nights is

£850 per person in single occupancy.

EB £650 open until 4th Feb'19.

Double/Shared accommodation £675.

EB £475 open until 4th Feb'19.

Reserve your place today with just £250 deposit.



\ Daily Yoga sessions – Sunrise and Sunset

\ 2 Yoga Workshops

\ A beautiful gift from Wild-Nest
\ Organic whole food prepared by a top nutritionist and health expert
\ Beautiful accommodation to suit the campers, the glampers and those wanting a more luxurious stay
\ Glorious late afternoon walks in the local hills and valleys with a walking guide (included in the price)
\ Free time for exploring

\ Swimming pool at your disposal

\ Local French wine available upon request

\ Linen, towels, shampoo and conditioner included

\ Eating al-fresco to watch the sun go down and finishing off with herbal teas around the massive outside fireplace

\ Free Wi-Fi at restricted times (for your own sanity!)

\ Massage is available on request. Please let us know when booking if you would like to book this


The main kitchen and all the food is prepared here by our nutritionist and health expert. Every mouthful counts and means something. Energy-giving food is essential when one is practising yoga for more than 4 hours a day. Non-Veggies should say something before they arrive so that we are prepared as 90% of the food is plant-based with a small amount of dairy and eggs. Each day freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices are served along with delicious salads and soups.



Flight costs are not included, and a £40 surcharge is payable for your transport from Bergerac to and from the Yoga retreat. This is the total cost for both ways. No other costs will apply. You can of course make your own way to The Yoga Retreat if you are coming by car for example, but the transport bus cannot pick up from Rail Stations or any other airport. Please discuss this in advance if you are not flying to Bergerac. Ryanair or Flybe from Stansted/Southampton/Bristol to Bergerac is by far the best and quickest route and we will pick you up at the airport.

Payable by bank transfer. Please fill in contact form on Home page or email myself for details of payment


Cancellation Policy:
The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
To qualify for EB rate total payment should be received by 4th February 2019.

Total payment, non EB, should be completed by 4th March 2019.