"And what a wonderful time we had! We enjoyed every bit of it. The Yin Yoga sessions were variously, lovely to do and inspirational, even as the daily meditation sessions. The yoga sessions inspired my own sessions at home. The atmosphere of the retreat was wonderful. Very peaceful and plenty of opportunities to spend your time."

Marjolein Berg Sept 18


ASE Immersion
Authentic Retreats in Tuscany
April 2021 & Aug 2021

Spend 4 or 8 magical days in Tuscany bringing your Authentic Self to Life

ASE Immersion is designed to uplift you on all levels. Nourish your body with organic food of your preference, freshly prepared for the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Invigorate your soul in the spacious villa, tranquil gardens and serene  surroundings. Enjoy quiet time for yourself and stimulating discussions with like minded people.

April, 10-14 & August, 7-11

Create Your Own Retreat

When you want, where you want, what you want.


My Soul-Garden Home Retreats are deisgned to give you the tools to transform and grow in all areas of your life from anywhere in the world. Thorugh meditation, yoga and coaching we will explore your purpose and uncover what is holding you back from living your life to your fullest potential. Your Soul-Garden Home Retreat can be part of a trip you have planned, a long weekend at home or a focused addition to your week.

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