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Rocket & Yin Yoga
South West France
5th - 10th September 2019


Nestled between open farmlands and forest hills, this retreat has so much to offer from embracing the exquisite natural environment. In the afternoons enjoy leisurely walks in the countryside followed by a dip in the swimming pool. Drink herbal tea and connect with your fellow retreaters, at dusk sit by the outside fireplace and watch the sun go down, it truly is a magical setting. A holistic yet energetic approach which is designed to totally relax, heal, teach, and most of all leave you realising that life is not just about constant rushing here, there and everywhere, this is an opportunity to breathe, pause , unwind and have fun.

Each morning begins with a Yang Yoga practice to kick start your day and each evening ends with a nourishing Yin practice to set you up for a good night’s rest. These two combined will give you the time and space to restore your energy and recharge your batteries!

Don’t miss this opportunity to do more than just deepen your yoga practice and reduce stress, our ‘Rocket and Happy Food’ retreat will leave you empowered, vibrant, healthy and rejuvenated.


Arriving Friday and leaving on Tuesday afternoon gives you a five night break and you will be travelling at a time when there are no crowds, plus the airfare is more user friendly if you travel either side of the weekend. Flight costs are not included, and a £40 surcharge is payable for your transport from Bergerac to and from the Yoga retreat. This is the total cost for both ways. No other costs will apply. You can of course make your own way to The Yoga Retreat if you are coming by car for example, but the transport bus cannot pick up from Rail Stations or any other airport. Please discuss this in advance if you are not flying to Bergerac. Ryanair or Flybe from Stansted/Southampton/Bristol to Bergerac is by far the best and quickest route and we will pick you up at the airport.

Visit my Facebook page for more photos of the retreat.

Namaste, Malin

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