October: Start your day more mindfully

The alarm goes off. I reach for my phone, turn off the alarm and switch on my phone. Within a second I am receiving emails, messages, alerts and status updates. I am ripped out of the present moment before I have even taken a deep breath. I check what emails I have received, plan my day and see what is happening on social media. The impressions I receive will often determine how I will feel for the rest of my day.

Whether it be a waking up in the morning, a yoga pose, a relationship, a job, meeting a friend or family we often forget to stop and appreciate the present moment. We so often rush and hurry through life without noticing what is happening right here, right now. We plan, schedule, rush and prepare without allowing ourselves time for what is to happen and fall into place. We wonder what else we should be doing and what we are missing. We get stuck in thoughts about the past and worry about the future rather than seeing what is happening right now. The physical place we are in, emotional state and where we are in our life. What we already have and what we are already doing.

Whatever you are doing find something to be grateful for: if you are with someone you love, enjoy it. If you are doing something that you like doing, be happy for it. If you are in a beautiful place, be thankful for it.

Even if you find yourself in a place that you don't like, it is a moment to appreciate. Do you wish things were different, do you wish you were somewhere else...Notice how you are feeling. Notice your body. Be ok with what is, live in that moment and know that that moment is just a small part of your life, for better or worst, but still a part of it. And think instead of all the things you have, all the things in your life that you can be grateful for.

If a change is what you desire, do not force change. When you desire and welcome change, change will happen. There is no need to push or rush as this will only force you to take a step back and do again what you missed when you were rushing through your day.

So, whether you are practising on your mat, doing the dishes or speaking to a friend find quiet, find presence.

I recently came across an article in the Swedish version om OM magazine about how to change your morning routine to start your day more mindfully and I decided to give it a go. I find that since starting my new morning routine I allow myself the choice of how I want my day to be. I allow myself to wake up more mindfully.

Try for yourself and let me now what you find.

The alarm goes off but rather than turning on the phone you simply turn off the alarm and put the phone down. Giving yourself and your body the time it needs to wake up. Allowing the first minute of your day to be just about you. Stay in bed, take a few deep breaths and notice how your body is feeling - from your toes to the top of your head. Notice the sounds around you. What sounds are inside your room, outside your window? Now imagine what you want your day to look like, what you wish to happen, how you wish to feel and what you wish to acheive. Focus on this and take a few deep breaths. Then return to the present moment, moving your fingers and toes. Notice how you are feeling in that moment. Thank yourself for giving yourself this time to wake up mindfully.

Enjoy your day!