July: Create a self-care plan

How often do you stop do take inventory of the things in your life that replenish you physically, emotionally and energetically?

How often do you stop and say to yourself I need time to myself? I need fresh air...silence...sleep... Someone said to me this week that we have become so caught up in doing that the being has become lost.

This week as part of my facilitator training for Eat Breathe Thrive I had to create a self-care plan for myself. Looking at the things I need in order to be the best version of myself, for myself and others. Taking the time to replenish ourselves is so important if we want to be there for others. We cannot help and support the people around us if we do not support ourselves.

We often think that in order to rest and restore we need to go away, take a break or a holiday. I found creating my self-care plan that most of the things I need to feel nourished are very simple... practising yoga, spending time in nature, being with my family and friends, meditating, reading...

Creating a self-care plans means checking in with yourself, your habits and patterns. Allowing yourself to see and feel what you need to nourish your body, your mind and your soul. Coming from a history of eating disorder I didn't use to take care of myself but yoga has helped me to tune into the signs my body gives me when I do not take care of it and I am learning to listen and honour those signs.

If you feel that you want to create your own self-care plan I have added a suggested image of how you can create your self-care plan but feel free to create what you want. Let yourself be inspired by all the things in your life that you enjoy.

Examples of questions you can ask yourself for your Physical care plan:

How much sleep do I need? What is stopping me from getting the sleep I need? What type of exercise and activities do I enjoy? Is there a behavior that I have a tendency to get addicted to? What foods and food/drink habits nourish me and which foods/drinks deplete me?

Examples of questions you can ask for your Mental care plan:

What activities stimulate me mentally or intellectually? What inspires me? What tools do I use to get clarity of situations ie journaling, painting?

Examples of questions you can ask for your Emotional care plan:

What gives me purpose? What makes me happy? How do I communicate upsets? Do I hold on to emotions such as anger, sadness?

Be honest with yourself and really see the habits you have created. They are not faults and they are not who you are.

If you wish to share your self-care plan please do so on my facebook page: Yinyangyogini