August: Unlearn!

Over the last few months I have often wondered what brought me here, what made me decide to come to Sardinia and the truth is I don't know. I didn't have a plan laid out nor did have anything lined up. I did however have an idea of what I wanted to achieve...I wanted to rest, I wanted to have time to become still, to read and meditate. I wanted to have time for yoga and teaching...meeting people. And of course time for sun and beach. I also felt that this would be a great opportunity to write more and to share my experiences and thoughts, but most of all I wanted to have time to get to know myself better and find what is important to me. So far I have achieved all the above apart from writing.

The thing that has become apparent to me over the last few months is that the more I get to know myself the less I feel I need to share. The more time I spend learning what is important to me and what makes me ME the more I learn to listen. The more I look inwards the less I look for others approval. We have become addicted to likes, shares and tweets and we are forgetting what it is like to really connect to the world around us. To see people, be in nature, to see things for what they are rather than through a lens. To live each moment and not wonder how we can best share the moment with people who are not there rather than sharing the moment with the people or person that are actually there...even if that person is yourself. I don't mean in any way that all social media is done to get approval from others, to get more followers or to compare our life to others...but it happens whether we like it or admit it or not. We judge, compare, like or dislike and ultimately feed the part of ourselves that takes us away from who we really are because that is what media tells us to do. As for me, what I am learning is that I need to unlearn the behaviours and habits I have learnt that tells me I need to fit and be a certain way to be considered successful. We spend most of our time trying to Find what we feel is missing rather than looking at what we already have and most importantly what we can bring to the world. All of us are blessed with one talent that no one else has, something that is unique to us and somewhere along the way we have lost sight of this.

It is time to let go of our fears and inhibitions! It is time to move from Tension to Flow.

"There is so much to unlearn to become who we truly are. So many layers of impressions and experiences to peel away before we remember what it is to be our true, authentic selves. We often look in the wrong direction when in pursuit of finding ourselves, when seeking that feeling of wholeness and self-love. We have been conditioned from birth to seek direction by looking outside of ourselves, often in search of that which we feel we lack. This perceived lack is at the core of our absence of if we come into the world needing to Find our purpose, Find love and happiness just as seek to Find satisfaction in our work by looking outside of ourselves to what we need to learn and become.

But all this searching and becoming is actually moving us further away from our truth - away from love.

It is time time to change direction, to turn inwards, to find yourself there among all the untruths you have learned. It is time to look at what you are and stop focusing on that which you are not. By looking at what you are, what you have always been and not what you need to fix or find, you are opening up to a completely different perspective of yourself - a perspective where the only fixing needed is to heal the damage caused by not knowing your true self throughout your life, and by the belief that there is a "normal" that you need to adapt yourself to.

There is no normal. There is only uniqueness! And YOUR uniqueness has a place in the world, a purpose, a role to play, and things to see, experience, and do.

You are here to be you, not to become anything. You are here to live authentically and courageously from the heart. To shine your light on the world and be an example living truth. That is the biggest achievement you can ever accomplish. That is the most healing thing you can ever do for the world. That is your purpose. It will bring you more abundance than anything you can ever become.

There is so much to unlearn, and it begins with shifting your focus from what you lack to what you already are. It begins in the heart.*

Be the change!

Inspired by: Wake up world.*