April: Yoga & Happiness

When we understand the true flickering, temporary nature of this world, then we can understand the beauty of each moment. If we cannot find happiness within ourselves, we cannot find it anywhere - That's when real Yoga begins.

We have all felt that soothing feeling at the end of a yoga class, the release and sense of lightness. This is what keeps us coming back time and time again. The goal of yoga is to bring us into a mood that sustains us so that we don't have to go into a yoga practice to change our mood. That is when we start to bring yoga into all aspects of our lives.

Nothing can bring us lasting happiness, but you have it already. The real thesis of Yoga is not that you get your health, well-being or inner peace from outside ourselves such as fame, fortune or relationships, which is what our culture often teaches us but rather we have it already. So the question becomes What am I doing that's disturbing that? As supposed to How can I get something that I already have?

What am I doing to disturb my own health and well-being? When we look at ourselves instead of relying on others for our happiness we can choose to act and change the patterns or behaviours that stop us from living the life we want to live. The meaning and purpose of life is to find out who we are. Yoga is a way to realise our authentic selves.

What am I not paying attention to that I need to?

What am I not hearing?

The Guru Is Your Own Self

If the light is already there and its being obscured by darkness a Guru - Remover of Darkness, can help you to find your inner voice. Whether you have chosen to follow the teachings of a great Master or “go it alone,” you will eventually come home to the Source.

Ultimately, the Guru lies within you and all the great Teachers are nothing other than mirrors of your own self—someone you have created to remind you of all the things you have forgotten.

The Light you see in these Divine Beings is a reflection of your own Light. You cannot bow to any external Guru without also bowing to yourself. The end of the journey is to rediscover the Enlightened Guru that is none other than your own Self.

Remember Ramana Maharshi’s words:

“The Guru is none other than the Self. As the seeker’s mind is bent outward, the Self takes a human shape as a Guru, to help drive it inward.”