Trauma and Transformation part 2

Unprocessed traumatic memories are stored in a region of the brain that knows no logic or time -midbrain. Our mid brain is the home of our memories and emotions, it is literal and illogical, it is guided by our senses and it controls our bodily functions and thoughtforms. According to Bruce Lipton operate in our conscious mind around 5% daily. The rest of the time we are ruled by our unconscious, mid brain. Neuroscience has demonstrated that our unconscious functioning precedes conscious awareness by at least 1/2 second (Libet, 1983 & 1993). The outcome of Libet’s experiments indicate that most issues like motivation and procrastination, indecision, conflicting priorities, burnout, overwhelm and performance anxiety are a result of automatic (unconscious) reactions and patterns which occur before conscious awareness. (Dangeli 2018) Shamans believe that the world seems real only because we perceive it as such and that everything we perceive is a reflection of an internal, individual “map” or blueprint that each of us has constructed about the nature of reality.

These themes are grooved into our neural networks that quickly interpret what we perceive through the senses. They hold a dynamic map of our world and how our reality works. It contains sights, sounds, scents, memories, and early childhood experiences (Dr. A. Villoldo 2019). These maps are stored in what shamans define as the Light Body or Luminous Energy Field, and what scientists call neural networks in our brain. If we wish to change the outer world, we must begin by changing the inner maps, by healing the imprints of disease and trauma from the Light Body. Shamans believe that the Light Body is the blueprint that creates health or disease and that greater understanding of this Light Body process can induce self-healing. Healing addresses the cause of the disease and the resulting toxic emotions that separate the person from his or her joy and health. To shamans, the cause of the disease is due to the imprints of trauma stored in the Light Body and that self-healing happens when we clear these marks from the luminous matrix that envelops and informs our lives.