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Yin Yoga - Beauty Way

Module 1 – Earth 

Friday 1st November

Become your own healer: Release your Story

Our journey begins in the South, where you learn to shed your past like a serpent sheds her skin. By doing this, you can become unencumbered by family drama, no longer fated to develop the physical ailments that your family of origin suffered or repeat old psychological patterns related to them. But shedding the past is not easy. The tragic stories and ailments do not go away by magic. They have to be burned and consumed by an inner fire generated by awakening the power of the coiled serpent: the Kundalini power.

In this module we will honour:

  • Mama Quillia: New Moon 

  • Archetypal Meditation & Earth Body Practice


In this module we will learn:

  • An overview of the Andean Wisdom Wheel

  • Serpent Wisdom 

  • No judgement

  • Right Relationship - Ayni

  • Hold a Serpent Fire Ceremony

  • Shamanic Breathing exercise


Module 2 – Water 

Friday 15th November

The power of the divine feminine

In Western culture, we value the mind for making sense of the world and our experiences. But while we might think we possess our mind, our mind can possess us. The challenge of jaguar in the wisdom wheel does not require you to cut your brain out of your head or make it your enemy. It requires you to optimize your brain, detoxifying it and upgrading it so that you can attain the wisdom gift of jaguar: the conquering of your primal and existential fears, especially your fear of death and your fear of being hurt by love. It’s fear that keeps you attached to things you need to let die. It’s fear that keeps you from moving forward into unfamiliar territory with the ease of a jaguar exploring the unknown. It’s fear that causes you to focus on the power to dominate others and get them to follow your will when it’s the power to collaborate and co-create that you’ve been missing—the power of the divine feminine.


In this module we will honour:

  • Mama Quillia: Full Moon

  • Archetypal Meditation & Water Sensing Practice


In this module we will learn

  • Jaguar Wisdom - Peaceful Warrior

  • Jaguar Fire Ceremony

  • Shamanic Breathing exercise

  • Living with Integrity

  • Use tracking to connect to right action.
  • Drama Triangle

Module 3 – Fire

Sunday 1st December

Dream your world into being

When we have the gift of hummingbird wisdom, we spare ourselves much suffering because we know when to speak and when to be silent, when to act and when to simply observe. We stop getting in our own way as we reclaim our birthright as co-creators of beauty and harmony and as sages drawing upon wisdom beyond our own. We redefine what our “work” is: we stop mistaking our career or job for what we are here to do. All of us are here to be, to learn, to teach, to heal, to inspire, and so on, and this work can take many forms, changing over time.


In this module we will honour:

  • Mama Quillia: New Moon 

  • Archetypal Meditation & Fire Soul Practice

In this module we will learn:

  • Hummingbird Wisdom

  • Hummingbird Fire Ceremony

  • To Practice Listening

  • Shamanic Breathing exercise


Module 4 – Air

Sunday 15th December

Wheels of Light

Eagle medicine is the gift of knowing that you are significant despite how very small you are. It’s knowing that each step you take, each word you speak, can be an expression of love and that this lays the foundation for a new vision, a new way of being.


In this module we will honour:

  • Winter Solstice 21st December

  • Mama Quillia: Full Moon

  • Archetypal Meditation & Air Spirit Practice

In this module we will learn:

  • Eagle Wisdom

  • Eagle Fire Ceremony

  • Shamanic Chakra Philosophy

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