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My coaching experience with Malin was highly insightful, very empowering and incredibly liberating. Malin draws from her vast knowledge and diverse experience to provide a holistic, spiritual healing process and powerful message. She genuinely cared to support me and did not spare any effort to make me feel clearer and more fulfilled.


S.R, Jan 2020

"Malin's teaching style is generous and inclusive; her passion is infectious and it shines through how she teaches and how she responds to questions, providing one with so much insight and wisdom which helps instill confidence and enthusiasm to an aspiring yogi like me.  

I cannot recommend Malin's retreats highly enough!" 

Zsa Zsa Soffe Sept 18

I highly recommend Malin’s Yoga Retreats.  Malin’s knowledge and experience shine through in every session that she teaches. Her intuitive approach means she is acutely in tune with the individual retreaters, giving each one variations and options to ensure they get the most out of every pose. Malin is a hugely talented teacher, very generous with her time and knowledge. I came away from this retreat feeling empowered, centred and excited about further deepening my yoga practice. To anyone thinking about doing a yoga retreat, do one of Malin’s - you won’t ever look back!

Zsa Zsa Soffe - May 19

I can’t recommend one of Malin’s yoga retreats enough. I left the retreat feeling transformed in mind and body. Malin is a passionate and knowledgeable yoga teacher who leads you through empowering sessions enriched with the philosophy of yoga and her incredible knowledge of human anatomy. She has a way of teaching and empowering you to work with your own unique body that is like no other I have ever experienced. She has changed the way I will practise yoga forever. Thank you Malin for such a special week.

Hannah Bearcroft - May 19

You might think that going on a yoga retreat is only for the spiritually enlightened yogi. However, our group was of varying levels of ability and fitness, and some of us hadn’t done yoga in years. With Malin’s amazing tuition and patience we all improved our technique and found some aspect that we were good at. By the end of the retreat I felt physically fit and was sleeping better than I had done in ages.
can’t recommend Malin’s yoga retreats more highly and will definitely be returning.

Louise Witter-Feb 19

"And what a wonderful time we had! We enjoyed every bit of it. The Yin Yoga sessions were variously, lovely to do and inspirational, even as the daily meditation sessions. The yoga sessions inspired my own sessions at home. The atmosphere of the retreat was wonderful. Very peaceful and plenty of opportunities to spend your time."

Marjolein Berg Sept 18