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Shamanic Healing

How Shamanic Healing Works

Shamanic healing works to transform heavy emotions and energy associated with trauma and disease into nourishing life energy. It gives us the opportunity to come back to balance, into what the Inca shamans call ayni, or proper relationship.

The shaman understands that we can overcome any obstacle in our lives, not by using force, but by stepping outside of our limited, narrow view of our struggles. We can overcome these trials by simply shifting the way we perceive them. The observer theory in quantum mechanics even suggests that we may effect reality just by the way we observe it. When we are stuck inside of our story, locked in fight-or-flight response and just trying to get through each day, it can be difficult for us to see a solution to our struggles. Our perception becomes distorted, and clouded by layers of past traumas and limiting beliefs. 


First step is in Shamanic healing is to disengaging our fight-or-flight response. Once the parasympathetic nervous system, rest-and-digest, is engaged we are able to see things a little more clearly. Next we must work on releasing the layers of heavy energy that may have accumulated in our energy centres and bodies over time. Third, we clean the imprints in the Luminous Energy Field. When these imprints are erased, one can readily change negative emotions and behaviours. The power of the immune system is unleashed, so that physical healing is accelerated and we can work to re-integrate our whole, authentic self.

The benefit of shamanic healing is that you are then able to move forward with ease and clarity, perhaps in a totally new direction. We are longer bound to the painful stories from our past, and our future is no longer scripted by our history. We realise that we are not our stories. but instead we are pulled forward by our destiny.

Is Shamanic Healing Right For Me?

Are you stuck repeating old patterns? Do you find that there is a ceiling on your success in some way? Have you found the voice of the inner-saboteur to be running the show in your life? Do you feel like your judgment is clouded, and like you just can’t seem to see clearly? Almost like their is a film over your eyes, or your heart? Do you feel a larger than life dream calling you forward, but overwhelmed by what is required to get there? You have a great deal of power to transform your life from the inside out, but sometimes it can be pertinent to have a helper. If you are looking to accelerate the evolution of your personal growth, and transform that inner saboteur into an ally, then I would be honored to be your guide.

Reiki Healing

During a treatment, the Reiki Practitioner places the hands on the client – and simply lets the Reiki energy flow. It is generally assumed that the energy is not given by the practitioner, but rather drawn by the recipient lying comfortably on a therapy couch, the client remains fully clothed during the treatment. The practitioner’s hands may be placed on the head, or on various positions near the Chakras along the torso. Often, the hands are placed intuitively.


If wished, the treatment can remain “hands-off” with the practitioner holding their hands about 10 cm above the client’s body

The energy will flow wherever needed, and can significantly aid the body’s innate healing abilities.

In some cases, symptoms can increase for a short period when healing starts (This is known as a “healing crisis”).

Receiving a treatment is normally a deeply relaxing experience, balancing and harmonizing body and mind, and giving comfort and peace.

Some clients experience a meditative state where they see colours or images or embark on an “inner spiritual journey”.

In some cases, clients experience that suppressed emotions or problems are released, or old memories revoked. Discussing these with the practitioner often leads to becoming aware of the underlying causes of a physical, mental, or emotional problem.

The practitioner can also scan the body for any energy blockages or imbalances and release or balance them.

A treatment normally lasts around 1 hour.

You can read more about Reiki on my teachers website.

Transpersonal Healing

Transpersonal means “beyond the person.” It's based on the idea of a spiritual center within each of us and acknowledges our yearning for something beyond the personal, beyond the material and the everyday. 

Many coaching methods claim to be “client centred”, however, Transpersonal Coaching Psychology (TCP) is the only approach that addresses the whole person by stressing the integration of self, shadow and spirit in a transformative manner. TCP draws on the transcendent quality of consciousness to shift the client from ego-based problems towards spiritual solutions, yet it does so in a pragmatic way that empowers people in the contexts of their everyday lives. TCP facilitates peak experiences, recognising that such states can bring forward insights that have meaning and practical applications in the area where the client wants to resolve a challenge. Clients learn how to embody their insights and anchor their new perspectives into the relevant contexts of their life. TCP ultimately promotes a sense of connection with a broader spectrum of consciousness, which in turn cultivates a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

My goal as a transpersonal healing coach is to support you as you step into your fullest potential. Together with the use of Yogic & Shamanic techniques I invite you to work at the deepest physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to explore your authentic self expression.

Together we can explore goals such as:

  • Improving your relationships

  • Finding a work/life balance

  • Clarifying your vision and values

  • Align with your life purpose

  • Manifesting your biggest desires

  • Dissolving triggers

  • Enhancing overall wellness

  • Transforming limiting beliefs

  • How to apply mindfulness to your daily life

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself

  • Exploring creativity

  • Creating a life you love!

My pricing system is based on trust, I ask that you choose an income tier that is relevant to you and choose a price based on that.

Cost per Session (60-75 min)

Lower income:

Standard income:

Higher income:

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