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Foundations TT - 200hrs YA - Ashtanga Vinyasa & Yin Yoga 2015

Foundations TT - 200hrs YA - Power Vinyasa 2016

Advanced TT - 300hrs YA - Rocket, Yin Yoga, Tripsicore 2016

Advanced TT - 100hrs YA - Mandala Vinyasa & Shamanism 2018

Barnyoga - 20hrs YA 2021

Since my first 200 hour TTC in 2015 I have travelled the world to discover more about this life changing practice and to learn more about myself.


I have worked alongside my teachers on a great number of trainings and also furthered my own discovery and growth through Vipassana meditation. My curiosity on what is possible to discover about oneself, together with the ancient and modern teachings of yoga has brought me in to the field of Transpersonal Coaching Psychology. A style of coaching that reaches beyond our person and allows us to discover that we are so much more than we think we are.


I like to incorporate both the powerful physical practice of yoga and the meditative restorative practice of yin yoga and meditation into my teachings and I am truly grateful that I get to share my passion for yoga and its benefits with people every day. My personal practice brings me physical, mental and emotional strength and my aim as a teacher is to empower my students to empower themselves, to teach to the individual rather than to an asana. Instead of thinking "How can I force my body into this pose" my wish is to teach to the individual experience of "How can this person's body express this pose right now?" Anyone can work on a pose as long as it is modified and broken down to suit their body.



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