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ASE Integrative Coaching Program

Life will bring you many things, including:

1. pain and fear
2. potential for healing
3. possibilities for growth and flourishing

What you do or don’t do with these things, is up to you!

A comprehensive, systematic and holistic approach to personal growth and flourishing

The Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) Integrative Coaching Program (ICP) enables you to optimize the conditions for success in the five main contexts that underpin the ways in which you experience yourself and your life – physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual.

The methods used in the ICP are based on well established principles in psychology including applied transformative practices for harnessing your full potential in all five contexts.

This bespoke coaching program is facilitated by Licensed ICP Facilitators who have received specialised training and who undergo supervision along with continuing professional development in ICP competency.

From ICP you can expect to gain more clarity, creativity, flow, improved performance, behavioural flexibility, emotional freedom and a deeper sense of meaning in life.



How the ASE Integrative Coaching Program works

In six sessions – one per week – 60 to 70 minutes each – you can take care of the main issues and challenges in each context, establishing wiser and more resourceful responses in all situations, while tapping into your deeper sources of knowledge, inspiration and motivation to achieve your desired outcome in each context.

Prior to the first session you will be given a ‘Needs and Values Elicitation Form’ – designed to elicit your dominant needs and values, as well as your desired outcomes in each of the five contexts and from the program as a whole. Included is a ‘Needs and Values Fulfillment Scale’ for you to measure your progress during and after the program.

Your personal needs and aspirations in each context determine the focus of each session, which your ICP Facilitator will assist you in tying in with your desired outcome for the program as a whole.

Session 1: Addressing your body, physical health and energy

The first session addresses your physiological needs and desired outcome in this context. Typical examples include taking optimal care of the body’s basic needs and its requirements for optimal performance, e.g., water, nutrition, sleep, rest, movement/activity, space/environment, physical health and well-being, input/output, energy management, etc.

Session 2: Focusing on issues like stress, burnout, overwhelm and negative states of mind

In the second session, your safety and security needs are addressed, including your desired outcome in terms of development in the mind/mental context. Typical examples of what may be considered in this context may include personal security, emotional security, financial security, motivation, mental health and well-being, attention, concentration, memory, etc.

Session 3: Freeing yourself from debilitating emotions – gaining clarity and flow

In the third session, your love and belonging (connection) needs are addressed. Your desired outcome in the context of emotions (emotion regulation, emotional freedom, emotional intelligence) is also a determining factor of the focus in this session. Typical examples of what emerges for resolution in this session can include overwhelming emotions, negative emotional reactions, lack of emotional engagement, disconnection from emotions, family disharmony, friendship or intimacy challenges, commitment or companionship issues, etc.

Session 4: Connecting, communicating and collaborating with confidence

In the fourth session, your esteem needs are addressed, including your desired outcome in the interpersonal (relationship) context. The issues and outcomes that are usually focused on in this session are often interwoven with those that were focused on in the previous session, thus, this session may serve as a continuation of the previous process. Examples of what is typically focused on in this session include: low confidence, relationship conflicts, acceptance issues (regarding self or others), work or social group concerns, respect and/or recognition issues, communication problems, inferiority complexes, people pleasing behaviours, difficulties in connecting with people, discomfort being alone, independence issues, limited ability to empathize or feel compassion (toward oneself or others), etc.

Session 5: Accessing your sources of aliveness and embodying open awareness

In the fifth session you can address values relating to self-actualization (e.g. discovering and harnessing your true potential) and transcendence values (e.g. integrating widened perspectives or spiritual experiences into your life). Examples of issues that may be raised for resolution in this session can include a loss of meaning in life, lack of purpose, existential issues, spiritual awakening/crisis, making sense of changes in perspective, integrating significant life experiences, etc.

Session 6: Integrating insights and setting yourself up for success in the 5 contexts

In the sixth session, you will be guided to consolidate your insights from the previous 5 sessions and from your 5 weeks of engaging in the ASE practices. Any ‘loose ends’ will be tied and your overall objective for the coaching program will be crystallized in terms of commitment to next steps and the journey ahead toward the fulfillment of your clearly defined vision or purpose. Also within this last session, your ICP Facilitator will help you to map out your personalised practice for the purpose of integrating your new state, perspectives and resources into all the relevant areas of your life.

Post program follow-up

One month after your last session, you can fill in the ‘Needs and Values Fulfillment Scale’ for a second time in order to compare your level of fulfillment in each context to those from before the program. By emailing your new scores to your ICP Facilitator, you will receive further guidance including fine-tuning your personalized practice, if necessary, and suitable support for your ongoing development.


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