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This workshop will begin with a brief introduction to Yin yoga and the Anatomy of Asana. We will look at the main joints of the upper body and learn how the variations in these joints effect our asana practice. It will be followed by an immersive Yin yoga practice, applying variations and modifications to find the target area of the pose.

Yin Upper Body Workshop
18th Oct 2020
Wild Nest, Petersfield
100 hr Mandala Vinyasa & Shamanism
Goa, India
22nd March - 1st April 2019.

A Mandala Vinyasa journey through the wisdom of the Elements & Shamanism.

The course has evolved through creating a connection between each Element and its corresponding Chakra. The intention is to bring healing to our first four energy centers, which represents the surrendering of the ego identity to “a being of trust”. These four chakras relate to the corresponding 4 elements of Shamanism according to Mexica Tradition. The elements and prana points will be accessed through a Mandala Vinyasa Flow, each based on the 4 main group of muscles of the leg. This ceremonial work will also be reinforced with Mantra, Indigenas Dancing & sealed with Sweat Lodges/Temazcales.

Winter Warmer
South West France
9th - 14th Jan 2020

An opportunity to delve deeper into your yoga practice and explore the roots of this ancient practice.  In this retreat, we will use the quiet practices of Meditation and Yin Yoga as well as exploring the foundations of Ashtanga Vinyasa through a modified Primary series. Looking at how our different bodies create a yoga pracitice that is unique to each and every one of us. We will use techniques from Buddhist Vipassana to bring focus to our meditation practice.

The House of Yoga, London
Mandala Master class
9th May 2020

A journey into the Mandala Vinyasa Practice. Learn to move 360 degrees all around, breathing and flowing through asanas, inversions and introspection.


200hr Online Teacher Training
The House of Yoga
Date TBC

Teaching yoga is a noble calling; helping people heal, feel and wake up from debilitating or limiting beliefs and lifestyles is an important contribution out into the world.

This Teacher Training is so much more than becoming a yoga teacher. It will give you the tools to be the best version of yourself and close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your life.

We can’t wait to start this journey with you.

The Yoga People Online
Rocket & Patterns
11th - 15th May 2020

TYP are proud to offer Pattern work with the Rocket Practice on this Course.
The modality of Patterns is vey much in line with the famous Yoga Sutra 1.2 of Patanjali, “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha”, whereby the yoga practice is described as the process of looking at a patterns of conditioning and works to bring it into context and understanding and ultimately its liberation (Moksha).

The Yoga People Online
Yin Yoga Lower Body
1st - 4th June 2020

This course will be for current teachers and yoga students who have a committed yoga practice. It will cover in detail The Lower Body as a Focus with minor upper body illustrations for further understanding.

Lördag 10.00 Elemental Vinyasa 60 min

Elemental Yoga är en yoga stil som är baserad på dom 4 elementen - jord, vatten, eld och luft.
Varje klass har sin egen sekvens som är grundad på egenskaperna av dessa element samt den del av kroppen som är kopplad till varje element. En underbart vacker och flödande yoga stil.

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