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Soul Garden

A community for everyone, no matter where you are in your life, on your yoga and healing journey, I hope to guide and inspire you to deeper breath, stillness, mindfulness, rest and joy of movement. Let go of performance and pressure, and receive tools to support you in letting go of stress, anxiety or other things that holds you back from creating the life that you want to live.


Move, grow, explore and heal with me!

Yoga Classes
My aim as a teacher is to empower my students to empower themselves, to teach to the individual rather than to an asana. Instead of thinking "How can I force my body into this pose" my wish is to teach to the individual experience of:
"How can this person's body express this pose right now?"
Anyone can work on a pose as long as it is modified and broken down to suit their body.

Yoga Trainings

All of my trainings are thoughtfully created to provide a unique overall experience for all participants. Each course will give you tools to grow and develop in both your teaching and your life.


Whether you are a teacher looking to enrich your teaching, or a passionate yogi who looks to deepen your personal practice, in my courses you will explore how to bring together yoga philosophy, and Shamanic tools & techniques to expand your Yoga experience.


A retreat or an event is an opportunity to give yourself time to rest, recharge your batteries and learn more about yoga, meditation, breathwork and relaxation.


In my events you can expect to explore different yoga styles, Shamanic ceremonies, spend time in nature and to learn how breathing and yoga can support you in everyday life, help to facilitate healing and give you peace of mind.


Click below to find more information about our current retreats and events!


My sessions bring together the healing practices of Shamanism, Reiki and Transpersonal Psychology, creating a spiritual practice that harmoniously blends the concept of shamanic healing through the elements of nature with the spiritual concept of Reiki.

       Both Reiki and shamanism are spiritual practices used to place the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies into a state of healing.

Together with Transpersonal Psychology they help the practitioner increase their awareness, reach new consciousness levels, and, gradually, develop their spiritual potential.

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